Happy New Year To Love 2014

By | December 5, 2013

Here is a Collection of Happy New Year 2014 Sms, Text Messages, Quotes, Wishes, Poetry, Poems And Greetings In Hindi & English For Love.

Don’t love a friend who hurts u
Don’t hurt a friend who loves u
Sacrifice everything for a friend
But don’t sacrifice a friend for anything
Happy New Year 2014 Messages For Love

Har Sans Mohabbat Pe Fida Krta rahun ga,
Saa’il Hun Tere Dar Pe Sada Krta rahun ga…
Yeh Dard Yeh Aansu Meri Kismat Ki atta Hain,
Han Tere Liye Dil Se Dua Krta rahun ga…
Ta’zeer Lagao Mujhe Sooli Pe Char’ha do,
Mujrim Hun magar Jurm_e_Wafa Krta rahun ga…
Tasleem Kare Ya Na Kare Uski raza Hy,
Main Farz Mohabbat Ka Ada Krta rahun ga…
Main Farishta To Nahi Usko Khabar Hy,
Aadam Hun Baghawat Ki Khata Krta rahun ga.
Happy New Year 2014 Poetry For Love

Hav u ever considered dat GOD has fallen in love wid u..?
He sends u flowers evry spring..
He sends u sunshine every morning..
Whenever u want to talk,He listens to u..
He can live anywhere in d univrse but He chose u, ur heart.
GOD didn’t promise days widout pain,
Laughter widout sorow,
Sun widout Rain,
but He did promise strngth for the day,
Comfort for the tears n light for the way..
Share this to every nice person u wish 2 bless.
Happy New Year 2014 Sms Greetings For Love

Love is all in fire and yet freezing,
Love is much in wining, but is more in loosing,
Love is ever sick and yet is never dying,
Love is ever true and yet is ever lying,
Love does death in liking and is mad in loathing,
Love indeed is everything, yet indeed is nothing.
Happy New Year 2014 Wishes For Love

Love me or hate me both are in my favour. If u love me, I will always b in ur heart. If u hate me, I will always b in ur mind.”
Happy New Year 2014 Sms For Love