Happy New Year To Brother 2014

By | November 30, 2013

Here is a Collection of Happy New Year 2014 Sms, Text Messages, Quotes, Wishes, Poetry, Poems And Greetings In Hindi & English For Brother.

May this New Year bring you everything you desire and
everything you dream of. May success
accompany you in every step that you take.
Have A Blessed New Year 2014.

“Brother and sister,
together as friends,
ready to face
whatever life sends.
Joy and laughter
or tears and strife,
holding hands tightly
as we dance through life.”
Happy New Year 2014 brother.

There can be no companion better than a BROTHER.
There can be no friend better than a SISTER!

I, who have no sisters or brothers,
look with some degree of innocent envy
on those who may be said to be born to friends.
New Year 2014 brother

Pray Is The Most Powerful
Weapon Against Troubles..
Most Effective Medicine Against Illness.
Most Valuable Gift To Someone.So,
I Pray For You That You Always
See The Success In Your Life

‘I’ Pray For ‘U’a Day That U Truly Deserve
A Day As Good As Ur Heart
A Day As Bright As Ur Smile
A Day As Wonderful As U Want Ameen.
Happy New Year brother

I Have No Pearl To Gift You,
I Have No Diamond To Give You,
I Have No Flowers To Send You, But
I Have 3 Beautiful Words To
Say U“ Allah Bless You”.

I am your brother Your Best friend forever..
Singing the songs The music that you like
We’re brothers til the end of time Together
or not You’re always in my heart Your
hurting feelings In you will reign no more.
New Year brother

Khusion se naraz hai meri zindagi,
Pyar ki mohtaj hai meri zindagi,
Hans lete hain logon ko hansane k liay warna,
Dard ki kitab hai meri zindagi.